Saturday, October 6, 2018

No alternative, just screaming

Mitch McConnell is an evil fucking man. And I use the term “man” loosely. This asshole, this tortoise, this slithering eel from the depths of some primordial ooze has brought us some of the most abject horrors this democracy has ever experienced. He was unwilling to work to save the economy during the worst collapse since the Great Depression. He worked in direct opposition to an administration for eight years simply because he wanted it to fail. He denied a hearing for a Supreme Court justice for over 10 months in contravention of all historical precedent. He looked the other way when his party nominated the absolute worst human being to ever make his way onto the ballot for US President. He has allowed election tampering from a foreign power to proceed unchecked. And now he has played his version of power politics to gain a majority foothold on the Supreme Court. All for his minority party, that is swirling in the toilet bowl of racism and misogny, and with a “Justice” who has trampled the concepts of fairness and truth and restraint, and is quite possibly a criminal to boot.

Decency. Fairness. Truth. Honesty. Justice. These should be traits that are easily seen in our leaders. Even when we disagree strongly with the views of someone else, we should be able to see the humanity in them and respect their held beliefs for what they are. We should strive to be empathetic toward others, and to make room for principled debate among our fellow citizens. 

But when some soulless amoral pissant ratfucking bloated gasbag of a Majority Leader has done this much to screw over the nation, he needs to understand in the only way he might still respect, that we don’t buy the shit he’s selling. 

Come November 6th you damn well better vote. And vote for Democrats. I’m not one, but nothing else is going to break this fever, so suck it up and do it. This has to stop, and it’s on us to make it happen.

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