Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HCR, A Look Back

This is what gets me, more than anything else, about the year-long debate surrounding the Health Care (Insurance) Reform Bill. The cost of health care in this nation is rising at an unsustainable rate. There is an ever-increasing number of people going uninsured due to this cost increase. These trends will continue unabated unless government steps in. All parties involved know this. And yet, as seen above, the GOP followed a strategy that was designed more toward winning elections than representing the needs of their constituents.

It is, by definition, impossible to work in a bipartisan manner when one side is not negotiating in good faith. Despite this, the Democrats essentially negotiated with themselves in shaping the final bill into a reasonable compromise, one that a less-cynical GOP would likely have gone along with. They behaved in an adult manner, and the bill and the country are better off for it. 

Scorched-earth politics is disgusting, but especially so when our country's in a significantly troubled state. It's long past time for our politicians to suck it up and return to the art of compromise. Cause there's plenty of shit that still needs to get done.

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