Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get Off My Lawn, #1

(An occasional feature, when I put on my cranky old guy hat and bemoan the little travesties of modern life)
Why is it that cigarette butts are still a socially acceptable form of litter? 

I'm walking to the library yesterday, and a guy who's walking into a bar flicks the remaining third of his Satan Stick into the street before getting to the door. Understandable in one way, since our fair city has banned the enjoyment of smoking in public establishments, for better or worse. But he was literally walking past a butt can as he flung the cigarette away. No second thought, just let's it fly. 

I can't imagine this would be so common if there was a significant social stigma attached to the behavior. You know, like littering?

*Shakes his fist from his perch on the front porch*

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